Sushiya Yohee

Ultimate Sushi

A list of the chef’s choice with the best ingredients carefully selected. What is noteworthy is that we show the “temperature” of rice and each seafood.

At "Sushiya Yohee", we thoroughly manage the temperature of rice and seafood. For example, even just tuna is in different conditions depending on where and when it is from, so we serve it with temperature and preparation that maximizes the umami. Once you eat sushi perfectly prepared, you can feel the head chef's commitment and passion through it.

Curiosity to
Bring Out the
Potential of Ingredients

We value the ambition to face, examine and incorporate new ways of thinking and technological advances.

We find the hidden potential of ingredients from the common sense of sushi restaurants and familiar seafood changing the perspective to create excitement and curiosity to customers.

Commitment to Ingredients

We source seafood directly from reliable producers from all over Japan, and deliver the considerations of the producers and carefully selected ingredients with the reliable eyes of the producers. The ingredients are elaborately prepared by our head chef to raised them to the highest potential and delivered to the counter of Sushiya Yohee.

Our Style of Hospitality

A serene space in Kitashinchi, Osaka that reproduces “Wa”, a traditional Japanese style. In a space reminiscent of a tea room, we offer our style of hospitality with the desire of our head chef to create time that satisfies the customer and chef’s choice of refreshments and sushi.


Taisho (Head Chef)


Born on April 26, 1982. He began learning Japanese cuisine and sushi at the age of 20 and honed his skills at many leading hotels. At the age of 30, he won the top prize in a recipe contest hosted by a hotel group. He honed his skills at many hotels and expanded the variety of techniques and menus.

With the aim of enhancing the work experience at a high-end restaurant, he cooked at Kyoto Saeki to gain his experiences. After the work experience, he opened Sushiya Yohee in Kitashinchi, Osaka.


Advanced Technology and Artistic Composition Like “Gagaku”,
a Japanese Imperial Court Music and Dance

Exquisite harmony and a rich taste that invigorates your five senses at every bite. The delicate sushi, which has been temperature-controlled in each rice and seafood, evokes ancient Japanese Gagaku with its advanced technology and artistic composition.

Our cuisine will be served in a course that our head chef has poured his heart and soul into and coordinated. Please experience the "supreme hospitality" of Sushiya Yohee.

Rice and Vinegar

Rice and Vinegar

Sushiya Yohee blends aged red vinegar and aged black vinegar produced using traditional techniques dating back to the Edo period.
From the varieties of rice produced by reliable producers, carefully selected rice that is suitable for sushi and can be loosened in the mouth is adopted. We are serious for each piece of sushi with the temperature we are committed to.

Optimum Wasabi for Sushi

Optimum Wasabi for Sushi

Wasabi has different characteristics regarding spicy taste, umami taste, flavor, etc. depending on where it is from. At Sushiya Yohee, we use these carefully selected different types of wasabi depending on a type of sushi. In order to enhance the flavor of ingredients, several different types of wasabi are used in our chef’s choice course.

Course Meal


per person

(including tax and service fee)

We offer the most delicious high-quality ingredients selected from all over Japan in refreshments and sushi.

Please enjoy each dish and each piece of sushi with carefully prepared and temperature-controlled ingredients at Sushiya Yohee.



Sonezaki Shinchi 1-10-2, Kita-ku,
Osaka City, Osaka, 530-0002, Japan

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Lunch: open from 12 pm

Dinner: Part 1: open from 6:00 pm - /Part 2: open from 8:30 pm -


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